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1. GEDC Airbus Diversity Award Applications Now Open!

1. GEDC Airbus Diversity Award Applications Now Open!

Applications are now open through July 10, 2017 for projects that have delivered tangible results in encouraging diversity in engineering education among students and/or graduates.

2. GEDC Industry Forum

2. GEDC Industry Forum

This inaugural event will focus on how universities and industry can work together to develop the skills required among future generations of engineering graduates and leaders. Engineering Deans from leading global institutions as well as leaders from some of the world’s top industrial companies will gather for 3 days of exchange and innovation on this challenge in a uniquely interactive event.

3. GEDC 2017 Niagara Falls, Canada

3. GEDC 2017 Niagara Falls, Canada

From October 11-13, 2017, McMaster University will host GEDC 2017 in Niagara Falls, Canada. Ishwar K. Puri is the Dean of Engineering at McMaster University.

4. GlobalEngineer: IFEES-GEDC April Bulletin

4. GlobalEngineer: IFEES-GEDC April Bulletin

Catch-up with the latest news in global engineering education with the April issue of GlobalEngineer: IFEES-GEDC Bulletin.

5. Yacob Astatke Receives 2016 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

5. Yacob Astatke Receives 2016 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award

The GEDC and Airbus Group have named Dr Yacob Astatke, from Morgan State University (USA), as the recipient of the 2016 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award for his work in engineering education.


Welcome from the Chair!

Peter Kilpatrick
Peter Kilpatrick
GEDC Chair

With a name like the “Global Engineering Deans Council,” you expect bold aspirations and actions in the service of humankind.  Our young organization (8 years young) now comprises over 500 deans from all continents with significant regional activity.  We have partnered with a few National Academies of Engineering, the World Bank, and others to bring the message and the value of the engineering enterprise to developed and developing countries alike.

Our Mission is to serve as the global network of engineering deans mobilized to advance engineering education, research, and service to the global community.  Our strategic plan is focused on institutional leadership formation, curriculum leadership, corporate and public engagement, and accreditation leadership.

In December 2015, GEDC held its annual conference in...

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Upcoming Regional Events

Asian Engineering Deans' Summit
Sydney, Australia
June 4th-6th, 2017

IFEES-GEDC Reception & Dinner
Columbus, United States of America
June 25th, 2017

GEDC Industry Forum
Fontainebleau, France
June 28th-30th, 2017

African Engineering Deans Council Summit
Ota, Nigeria
July 24th-26th, 2017

GEDC-Latin American Engineering Deans Council-GEDC (GEDC-LATAM) Meeting
Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 11th-12th, 2017

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