Brian Uy

Brian Uy
University of New South Wales, Australia
Director, Center for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety (CIES)

Current Position:
Director, Center for Infrastructure Engineering and Safety (CIES)

Current International Activities:
GEDC Member

National / Regional / Global Interests:
International Engineering Education, Australian Research Council
Australian - Chinese Research Collaboration on Concrete Filled Columns Under Extreme Loads

Academic Leadership Experience:
Dean, College of Engineering, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Areas of Research:
Composite Beams Using Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Profiled Slabs (via UNSW)
Behaviour and design of composite columns coupling the benefits of high strength steel and High Strength Concrete for Large Scale 

Selected Published Articles and Works:
- Vasdravellis, G., Uy, B., Tan, E. and Kirkland, B. (2012), 'The Effects of Axial Tension on the Hogging-Moment Regions of Composite Beams,' Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 14.

- Yan, G., Alessandro, D., Uy, B. and Ou, G. (2012), "A General Nonlinear System Identification Method Based upon the Time - varying Trend of the Instantaneous Vibration Frequency and Amplitude,' Advances in Structural Engineering, 12.

- Yousuf, M., Uy, B. Tao, Z., Remennikov, A. and Liew, R. (2012), 'Behaviour and resistance of hollow and concrete-filled mild steel columns due to tranverse impact loading,' Australian Journal of Structural Engineering, 16.

- Zhu, X., Hao, H., Uy, B. Xia, Y. and Miza, O. (2012), "Dynamic Assessment of shear connection conditions in slab-girder bridges by Kullback-Leibler distance,' Advances in Structural Engineering, 10.

- Tao, Z., Han, L., Uy, B. and Chen, X. (2011), "Post-fire bond between the steel tube and concrete in concrete - filled steel tubular columns,' Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 3.

Awards and Accomplishments:
Australian Research Council (ACRG), Member, 2007-Present