Camilo Younes Velosa

Camilo Younes Velosa
National University of Colombia Manizales, Colombia
Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture

Current Position:
Dear, College of Engineering,Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Current International Activities:
GEDC Member, 
Visiting Research Investigator, Universidad de Granada, Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, January, 2005-June, 2005

National / Regional / Global Interests:
Engineering Education, International Conference on Grounding and Earthing, 2000

Academic Leadership Experience:
Dean, College of Engineering,
Design Engineer, Procesos y Disenos Energeticos, 2002
Member, Protection from Lightning Normalization Committee, 2000-Present
Adviser, Consorsio Canales Nacionales Privados - CCNP, 2002
Associate Professor: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Manizales, 2008-Present
Professor Ad-Honorem, Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Bogota, August, 2002 - August, 2006
Member, National Commission on Intersectoral Quality Assurance, Ministerio de Educacion Nacional-CONACES. May 2008-Present

Areas of Research:
Electromagnetic Compatibility, High Tension, Atmospheric Electric Discharges, Engineering Education

Selected Published Articles and Works:
- Computational Tool to Determine Ground Flash Density and Fuzzy Ground Flash Density. V Simposio Internacional sobre Calidad de la Energia Electrica - SICEL, 2009

- Analysis of Lightning Forecast in Colombia Based on the Lightning Detection  Network Data.  X International Symposium on Lightning Protection - SIPDA, 2009

- Extraccion de Reglas de Asociacion Difusas Baho Linux - Suse 9.0. XV Festival Linux. 2006

- Influencia de los parametros del rayo en Colombia debido a Posibles Errores en el Sistema de Localizacion.  III Simposio Internacional Sobre Calidad de la Energia Electrica, 2005

- Evaluation of Power Quality at the Low side of an industrial facility.  XII of International Conference on Electromagnetic Disturbances - END - 2003

- Statistical evaluation of lightning induced overvoltages in distribution lines in the precense of transformers and surge arresters.  International Symposium on lightning Protection. 2003.

- Finding Relations Between Ground Flash Density and Geographical Relie Using Data Mining Tools. IX International Symposium on Lightning Protection IX SIPDA. 2007.

- Colombian LLS Performance and Its Correlation with the Lightning Imaging Sensor - LIS. II Simposio Internacional Sobre Calidad de la Energia Electrica. 2003.

Awards and Accomplishments:

B. S. in Electrical Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1999
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2002
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2006