Emmanuel Manos Maragakis

Emmanuel Manos Maragakis
University of Nevada Reno, United States of America
Dean, College of Engineering

Current Position:
Dean, College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno
CEE Professor

Current International Activities:
GEDC Member,

Academic Leadership Experience:
Full Professor of Engineering
Dean, College of Engineering
Member of AREMA committee 9 on the Seismic Response of Railway Bridges

Areas of Research:
Dynamic and earthquake response of railway bridges
Fatigue analysis of railway bridge connections
Underground piping systems
Earthquake response of non-structural components
Computer simulation
Full scale field and laboratory experimental research of bridges and their components

Selected Published Articles and Works:
- Vlassis, A., Maragakis, M., Saiidi, M., "Experimental Evaluation of Longitudinal Seismic Performance of Bridge Restrainers at In-Span Hinges," Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol. 32, No.2, March 2004, pp. 96-105 

- Chen, Q., Douglas, B. M., Maragakis, E. A., Buckle, I. G., "Extraction of Hysteretic Properties of Seismically Isolated Bridges from Quick-Release Field Tests," Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Vol. 31, February 2002, pp. 333-351.

- Meis, R., Maragakis, M., Siddharthan, R., "Static Axial Behavior of Some Typical Restrained and Unrestrained Pipe Points," Journal of Testing and Evaluation, Vol. 29 (5), September 2001, pp. 485-491.

- Vlassis, A., Maragakis, M., Saiidi, M., "An update on Analytical and Experimental Research on Bridge Restrainers," Transportation Research Records No. 1770, pp. 132-138, 2001.

- Maragakis, E., Douglas, B., Chen, Q., "Full-Scale Field Failure Tests of Railway Bridge," Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, September/October 2001, pp. 356-362.

Awards and Accomplishments:
Chair of TRB Committee AFF50 on the Seismic Design of Bridges.
Member of the control panel of ATC 58 for the development of experimental protocols for testing non-structural components.
Member of AREMA committee 9 on the Seismic Response of Railway Bridges

B.Sc. National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1980
M.S. California Institute of Technology, 1981
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology, 1985