Jianbin Luo

Jianbin Luo
Tsinghua University, China
Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering

Jianbin Luo, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Tsinghua University, was born in Huxian, Shaanxi Province, in 1961.

In 1982, Professor Luo received his BEng degree in Metal Working from Northeastern University in China. He worked at the Xi'an Cable Factory from 1982 until 1985, then continued his studies in Metal Working at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. He got his MEng degree in 1988 and worked as a lecturer at Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology until 1991. In 1994, he received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Design and Theory from Tsinghua University prior to joining the university's faculty. In 1999, he won funding from the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) through their National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; was honored as the Distinguished Professor for the Chang Jiang Scholar Program in 2002 and was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011.

Professor Luo is currently dean of Tsinghua University's School of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment. He is also the Vice President of the International Tribology Council. He is the former chair fo the Technical Committee for Tribology, IFToMM and the former director of the Chinese Tribology Institute (CTI).

He was the chief specialist of two "973" projects (National Key Basic Research Program), the project director of the Research Program of National Major Research Instruments and Facilities, and the chief leader of the Science Fund for Creative Research Groups of the NSFC. Additionally, he is the editor-in-chief of the English journal Friction

Professor Jianbin Luo has long been engaged in superlubricity, thin film lubrication, and nanomanufacturing. He was awarded the prize of Chinese National Techincal Innovation Award, the prize of Chinese National Natural Science Award, the prize of Chinese National Natural Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and other provincial and ministerial awards nine times. In 2013, he received the STLE International Award and the CTI Highest Achievement Award in Tribology. He has published more than 300 papers, two books and more than 50 authorized patents. He was the keynote or plenary speaker at over 20 international conferences.