Syed Irfan Hyder

Syed Irfan Hyder
Institute of Business Management, Pakistan
Dean of the College of Engineering and Sciences

CV - Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder


To develop a top class international educational institution

  • Ph.D. (1994) and MS (1989) from UT Austin, Texas, USA
  • MBA (1987) from IBA and BE-Elect from DCET/NED
Academic Leadership
  • Implementation of PBL and Experiential Learning interventions at university and school levels

  • Design and implementation of processes for international accreditations such as AACSB

  • Enabling of research culture and culture of self-development among the faculty members

  • Launch of PhD programs and institution of necessary support processes and structures 

  • Launch of industry mentorship framework for professional and personal development of students 

  • Implementation framework for the virtual university and R&D for online class room management

  • Integrated design of QEC and MIS for automatic collection of quality data with existing resources 

  • Setup of a framework for industry engagement in academic programs led by industry 

  • Design of decentralized academic departments with operational and financial independence 

  • Setup of a framework for Social Advocacy Projects for micro-business setup by students 

  • Setup of Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering involved with active impact factor research 

  • Setup of Technology Innovation Center, Center for Entrepreneurship for industry linkages 

  • Led the establishment of College of Engineering, KIET Campuses&Computer Arts program 

  • Introduced final projects exhibition for all programs as a major output quality control check 

  • Introduced PBL approach through project orientation in most courses of programs 

  • Instituted Guest Speaker Sessions, Mentoring Sessions, corporate relations development 

  • Launch of innovative programs such as BCA, BBE, BBA(MIS), BS Acctg, MTN, BTN, MSTE etc. 

  • Redesign of BS(CS), BCS(Hons), BBA(Hons), BBA 4 yr, BE (Electronics) and their specializations

Institutional Leadership
  • Initiatives for AACSB accreditation, experiential learning and PhD program output for IoBM
  • Strategically enabled KIET to go from 350 students in 2001 to over 3500 students in 2012
  • Led Center for Computer Studies at IBA from 50 students in 1995 to over 400 students in 2000
  • Led College of Engineering, KIET for accreditation by PEC in their first visit
  • Led the development of CMS for registration, examination, academics for quality addition
Industry & National Recognition
  • Session Chair at over 10 conferences and Program Director of 5 national/international conferences
  • Keynote Speaker, Invited Speaker at over 39 national/international conferences
  • Represented Pakistan at AFACT, member of various national level task forces, institutional boards
  • Head of E-Commerce working group of MoST in developing national IT policy and action plan  
  • Over 20 research publications in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals
  • Developed a research environment at the Graduate School with impact factor publications
  • Applied CS research in a unique ERP product idea. Its IP sold for a partnership stake in a company
Consultancy Projects
  • Consultancy for Pakistan Steel, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Oxford  University Press, KIET etc.
  • Implementation consultancy for an ERP products for over 20 companies in trading and manufacturing 
  • Consultancies for EPB, MoST etc. Trainings for CBR, AGPR, HBL and other organizations
  • Led the startup of ePatternsSoftware House and its operations for over 6 years.
  • Established L2L (Learn to Learn) Academy, an innovative school based on PBL
  • Enabled 20+ entrepreneurial ventures of students Entrepreneurial Development Center
  • Startup of an NGO Ahsan Education Foundation at Ahsan Memorial
  • Development of over 20 case studies of technology entrepreneurs. To be published in a book
Technology Projects
  • Architected 3 generations of an ERP product having accounting, HR, SCM, WIP and other modules
  • Architected the university ERP/CMS with ledgers, registration, examination, academics, admissions etc.
  • Integration of the university ERP with Moodle online classroom management system
  • Design of a state of the art ontology based suite of software engineering tools for ERP development 
Motivational Training
  • Conducted strategic Vision workshops for Timelenders at Khi, Lhr, Isb and Madinah
  • Conducted workshops for developing career visions, leadership and motivation for students and faculty
  • Conducted a series of workshops and talks on educational paradigms
  • Multi-processing:  Ability to work on a large number of projects simultaneously
  • Creativity: Ability to generate innovative and out-of-the-box solutions
  • Leadership: Leading organizations and departments to new paradigms/processes
  • Team Building: Developing strategic project teams of dedicated and committed professionals
  • Motivation: Motivating employees and overcoming change resistance
  • BPR: Ability to identify the weaknesses and reengineer processes
  • Modeling: Ability to construct abstract level graphical and mathematical representations
  • Presentation: Regularly invited to speak at IT and management conferences, seminars
  • Interpersonal: Ability to build a consensus by reconciling several point of views
  • Writing: Preparing convincing proposals, feasibility studies, policies, procedures
  • Cognitive: Ability to identify relationships among disparate pieces of information


  • Apr 13 - Present: Dean CES and CBM at IoBM
  • Mar 09 - Present: Director, Ahsan Memorial (AEF) and L2L Academy
  • Feb 01 - Mar 13: Vice President and Dean, PAF-KIET.
  • Jul 00 - Jul 06: Director and Architect , e-Patterns Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
  • Jul 95 - Dec 00: Deputy Director/Assistant Professor, Center for Computer Studies, IBA
  • Jul 95 - Nov 97: IT Consultant & Project Director, Oxford University Press, Karachi.
  • Jan 95 - Jun 95: Adjunct Faculty, FAST Institute of Computer Science
  • Nov 89 - Dec 94: Research Assistant, University of Texas at Austin, USA