Thomas C. Katsouleas

Thomas C. Katsouleas
Duke University, United States
Dean, College of Engineering

Current Position:
Dean and Professor, Duke University Pratt School of Engineering

Current International Activities:
GEDC Member;
2011 Global Symposium for Engineering Education, Shanghai, China;
Global Grand Challenges Summit, March, 2013

Academic Leadership Experience:
Dean, Pratt School of Engineering, 2008 - Present
Full Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, 1997
Interim Vice Provost for Information Services, USC, June, 2006 - February, 2007
Associate Dean for Student Affairs, USC, 1995 - 2000

Areas of Research:
the Use of Plasmas as Novel particle Accelerators and Light Sources

Selected Published Articles and Works:
- M. J. Morgan, T. O. Raubenheimer, A. Seryi, P. Muggli, T. Katsouleas, C. Huang, W. Lu, W. An, K. A. Marsh, W. B. Mori, C. E. Clayton, and C. Joshi, "Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiments at FACET," New Journal of Physics. Vol. 12, Art. Nu, 055030 (2010)

- I. Blumenfeld, C. E. Clayton, F. J. Decker, M. J. Hogan, C. Huang, R. Ischebeck, R. H. Iverson, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, N. Kirby, W. Lu, K. A. Marsh, W. B. Mori, P. Muggli, E. Oz, R. H. Siemann, D. R. Walz, and M. Zhou, "Scaling of the Longitudinal Electric Field and Transformer Ratio in a Nonlinear Plasma Wakefield Accelerator," Physical Review Special Topics-Accelerators and Beams. Vol. 13, Issue 11, Art. Nu. 11301 (2010)

- E. Kallos and T. Katsouleas and W.D. Kimura and K. Kusche and P. Muggli and I. Pavlishin and I. Pogorelsky and D. Stolyarov and V. Yakimenko, High - gradient plasma-wakefield acceleration with two subpicosecond electron bunches, Physical Review Letters, vol 1. no. 7 (2008).

- C. Huang and W. Lu and M. Zhou and C. E. Clayton and C. Joshi and W. B. Mori and P. Muggli and S. Deng and E. Oz and T. Katsouleas and M. J. Hogan and I. Blumenfeld and F. J. Decker and R. Ischebeck and R. H. Iverson and N. A. Kirby and D. Walz, Hosing Instability in the blow-out regime for plasma-wakefield acceleration, Physical Review Letters, vol 99 no.25 (2007)

- I. Blumenfeld and C. E. Clayton and F. J. Decker and M. J. Hogan and C. K. Huang and R. Ischebeck and R. Iverson and C. Joshi and T. Katsouleas and N. Kirby and W. Lu and K. A. Marsh and W. B. Mori and P. Muggli and E. Oz and R. H. Siemann and D. Walz and M.M. Zhou, Energy doubling of 42 GeV electronics in a metre-scale plasma wakefield accelerator, Nature, vol. 445 no. 7129 (2007), pp. 741-744.

Awards and Accomplishments:
Plasma Science Achievement Award, IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, 2011
Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2005
Mortar Board Faculty of the Month, University of Southern California, 1995
Outstanding Teaching Award, University of California, Los Angeles, Physics Department, 1990, 1991
IBM Project Advance Recognition Award (for development of teaching software), IBM
Fellow, American Physical Society
HKN Electrical Engineering Society Outstanding Faculty Member, University of Southern California, 1999

B. S. in Physics, University of California, Los Angeles - 1979
Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Los Angeles - 1984