GEDC & IFEES Members Meet in New Orleans

During ASEE’s Annual Conference and Exposition in New Orleans this past June, over 50 IFEES and GEDC members and colleagues gathered for the annual IFEES-GEDC Reception and Dinner as well as the IFEES-GEDC Breakfast on June 26th and 28th, respectively.

Paul Gilbert of Quanser Consulting generously sponsored the Reception again this year, which afforded IFEES and GEDC members an opportunity to socialize in person. Following the reception, guests were treated to traditional Louisiana Cajun fare catered by Restaurant Lüke during a dinner moderated by IFEES President, Uriel Cukierman, and GEDC Chair, Peter Kilpatrick.

Tuesday morning’s IFEES-GEDC Breakfast was moderated by Stephanie Farrell and Christina White. Members of the community took turns giving short presentation on various topics impacting engineering education and providing updates on the work of their organizations. Presenters included Hannah Melia (Granta Design’s Materials Education Symposia) David Radcliffe (Purdue University), Kwangsun Kim (WEEF-GEDC 2016 Seoul), Hulas King (Siemens), João Rocha (European Society for Engineering Education), Mustafa Sualp (AEFIS), Krishna Vedula (Indo-Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education), Danilo Zutin (International Association of Online Engineering and the Global Online Laboratory Consortium-Promoting Online Laboratories), Kim Scalzo (International Association for Continuing Engineering Education), Christina White (Global Grand Challenges: Developing Communities for Positive Change) and Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University).

Apart from the group gatherings, IFEES and GEDC leadership also spent a considerable portion of the ASEE Conference meeting with key leaders from several member organizations including the NAE-GSCP, ASEE, SPEED, Dassault Systèmes and ACOFI. Leadership also spent time with colleagues from South Korea in preparation for November’s WEEF-GEDC 2016 Seoul conference. Additionally, a meeting with Rovani Sigamoney from UNESCO has opened the door for a potential Memorandum of Understanding between IFEES, the GEDC and UNESCO.