IIDEA Holds Annual Workshop at Tsinghua University

For its sixth year, IFEES collaborated with the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) and the Tsinghua University Center for Engineering Education for an annual series of IIDEA workshops. This time the main topic of the workshop was “Engineering Pedagogical Education for Teacher Development and Global Competencies, Integrating Ethics in the Engineering Curriculum”

Distinguished leaders from China and abroad shared with attendees their thoughts and aspirations for this year’s workshop in the opening ceremony, among them Prof. Yang Bin or Prof. Yuan Si, the Vice (Former Vice) President and provost of Tsinghua University, Prof. Wu Guokai, the Vice Secretary General of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Michael Auer, the elected president of IFEES, Prof. Greet Langie, the representative of SEFI, KU Leuven, and Prof. Yu Shouwen, the Former Vice President of IFEES, Former Vice President of Tsinghua University. Six speakers from Europe and the USA & Puerto Rico shared their experiences and led attendees in reflection and discussion of topics related to the main title. .

Chinese colleagues especially emphasized that this year‘s workshop was the most successful one. All workshop leaders and attendees contributed their best to make it more interactive and productive. At the same time the CEE team highly anticipates future collaboration.